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We have created concert posters and single art work for our friends in Blue Beam.

Be sure to check out their music on your favorite streaming service and see them live!

Blue Beam

Like any good conspiracy theory, Chicago-hailing rock band Blue Beam was formed in a joint mission between three brothers to defy what’s predictable. Combining the soaring vocals of rock, to the foot-tapping beats of pop; from relaxed rhythms of lounge, to impromptu fits of psychedelia, Blue Beam constantly challenges concertgoers and alt rock music enthusiasts alike to stay on their toes. Their debut EP, “The Manhattan Project” (2019) catapults listeners into an effortless blend of funky grooves and interactive lyrics, while their latest single “Hotel Next Door” (2019) displays a softer side that’s nothing short of catchy. Fans appreciate Blue Beam's ever-evolving setlist, tight live sound, and captivating performances, all of which keep audiences coming back for more -- a good time that's anything but predictable.

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